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8 Wonderful Winter Skincare Tips !!!

January 15, 2020


As the WINTER months roll in, with dropping temperatures and shorter days, it's easy for most of us to stay optimistic with hot home-cooked meals, fireplaces and to easily fall asleep in cozy sweaters or warm blankets. But its also incredibly easy to just forget about the health of our skin!

Whether called "Winter Rash," "Winter Skin Syndrome," or just "Dry, Itchy Winter Skin," people are experiencing an increase of dry skin in the darker, colder and 'dryer' winter months... When our skin is happy and healthy, it contains 20%-30% water... If you're sadly suffering from dry, itchy winter skin here are a few tips that have kept our SanRe family and friends moisturized during the cool winter season!

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A Heartfelt and Thankful Year with Cancer !

November 25, 2019

In the beginning of this summer, I received the ever dreaded three words “you have cancer.” It felt like someone took the rug off under my feet… It took a while, but I did stop questioning why and refocused on living and finding the right healing path for me...

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