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Hi Guys! I’m learning (again!) that I should never say never! I always said I never ever would venture into the makeup category!
Well, here we are --  releasing our first two colors of a wonderful cheek and lip balm – which I’d say is close to makeup – YET with organic and moisturizing benefits!
I always said I won’t go into the makeup category because it is very personable and subjective, as well as it is hard to have the colors that everyone likes...

But, over the years, I have found very few companies that I liked and was happy using myself as a cheek and lip balm... it seems that either they were always a bit drying and/or the ingredients were not as clean as I would like them to be...
So, I wanted to create something that would be nice and creamy, moisturizing to the lips and cheeks as well as initial colors that would work great for the lips or cheeks!

We’re starting with only 2 colors and I’ll do my best demonstrating and showing the colors on me and my daughter (see within video).
I will explain how one color is great for my cheeks and the other works for my lips and duplicates as lip balm and lipstick (see within video)!
Now let me brag on the quality of the product and highlight some primary ingredients!
First, I wanted to create colors that I like, and equally or even more important was the creaminess and the moisturizing benefit that generally is very lacking in most makeup, so I chose Organic Mango Butter as the primary ingredient!
Mango butter is rich in Vitamins C and E that help protect our skin from the environmental stressors like pollution, sunlight and one that we don’t think about but are exposed for hours - Blue Light. Blue light is the damaging light from our computer and device screens, which so many of us are virtually chained to.
The mango butter has a very light and creamy texture, is non-comedogenic, meaning won’t clog your pores and is also rich in Vitamin A, (or Retinol) which happens to be another powerful anti-aging nutrient along with vitamins C and E that I mentioned earlier.
I also formulated this balm with Organic Cocoa Butter as it does wonders in our lip balms due to being naturally rich in Vitamin E and has fantastic moisturizing qualities as well as helping to keep our skin’s natural and healthy pH balance.
And for the color, most importantly, I only formulated with natural Iron Oxides in these lovely balms!  These natural Iron Oxides, have a further protective Jojoba Ester coating and are even ECOCERT Certified, which is virtually the equivalent of our USDA Organic Certification for Europe.  
I feel very comfortable letting my precious daughter use these balms as I know that there’s nothing harmful in them!
I hope you will enjoy our new creations as much as my family and our friends have enjoyed during the trial/testing stages!
I so look forward to your feedback, and so hope you’ll really Love and Enjoy them as much as I do!!!
 Here’s to both looking good and being super healthy in 2023! 


Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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