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SanRe believes in the time-tested and holistic approach of nourishing and protecting your skin with ultra-concentrated skincare products made with cold-pressed USDA Organic oils. Further infused with life-enhancing essential oils and herbs, and tailored to each skin type, our products truly moisturize and replenish your precious skin! So many skincare brands that tout themselves as “organic” or “100% Natural”, despite impressive advertising, are full of chemicals and irritants that can damage, irritate, and even promote aging of the skin.

SanRe’s oil-based skincare is going to save your skin year-round, whether you have mature, dry skin, or acne-prone, oily skin. Don’t fall victim to the “anti-oil” myths; if you’ve ever dealt with problem skin or acne, you may be lukewarm to the idea of applying oil on your face. The mantra is usually “oil free, oil free, oil free!” The (incorrect) logic is that “oil clogs your pores.” NOT THE CASE AT ALL, oils actually support your skin’s natural pH balance and help you resist breakouts! Here’s how it works: When you massage oil into your skin, it actually helps to dissolve dirt and oil buildup that has accumulated throughout the day. The dermatological and scientific principle is that like dissolves like - so the oil buildup on your skin gets dissolved and replaced with nourishing, health-promoting oils that actually improve the texture and quality of your skin.

Have oily skin and still don’t buy the idea of using oil-based skincare? Know that those with so-called “oily” skin actually produce very little sebum each day, so they need not be afraid to add oil to their skincare routine. Remember that sebum and oil are natural - stripping your skin of oils is not. Not to mention, most big-name skincare products are full of toxic ingredients that make their way from your skin into your bloodstream, and they can even exacerbate skin issues by being too drying or harsh and inflammatory. The right oil-based skincare routine is the most effective tool to keep your skin healthy and clear!



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