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This new serum is like no other product that we have!   This SPLENDID serum is the most time and labor-intensive product that we offer – but it is so worth it!!

First, I carefully selected organic flowers, berries and vegetable powders that are the richest in Vitamin C in the whole plant kingdom! Also seeking a high combination of both Vitamin C and vital Vitamin E!

This combination of antioxidants has synergistic effects, ensuring the end product is much more powerful and beneficial for our skin’s health. It will help both balance the skin’s natural function and restore elasticity, aid hydration at the cellular level, help repair oxidative stress damage and improve the skin’s texture.  Being so rich in Vitamin C, it provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection as well! I chose Jojoba oil as the base, because it is a very stable oil and the very closest oil to our skin’s natural oil or “sebum.”

The SUN itself is almost and ingredient, as everything is this serum is ‘solar-infused’ with the sun’s rays and warmth! Sun infused organic flowers (like Helichrysum and Rosehips), berries (like Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu, Cranberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Annato), powders (like carrot, tomato, spinach and  sweet potato) and peels (like lemon) – all capturing the magical powers and energy of sunlight, which allows our beautiful botanicals to gently release their vital properties, especially the rich array of Vitamin C, directly into the oil.

I have explained in my previous videos that most Vitamin C serums and moisturizers on the market utilizes artificially derived Vitamin C - by the name of Ascorbic Acid. And Ascorbic Acid is mostly derived from CORN, and most likely GMO CORN! I don’t know about you - but I don’t want to put that on my skin!

Vitamin C is an important part of our everyday skincare “menu” regardless of one’s age or skin type. It is one of the strongest antioxidants out there! It has the ability to act as a brightening agent, as it has safe-guarding properties that can help provide protection from ultraviolet light exposure, as well as neutralize free radicals caused by pollution. With the regular use, it will aid to minimize fine lines, give you a dewy complexion and cast a brighter facial hue.

Solar infusion ensures that the herb’s phyto-medicinal properties are transferred to the oil! The idea of infusing herbs in oil to absorb the magical power of the sun is an ancient one. Our ancestor discovered that solar infusions are more powerful and uplifting.

The end result is stunningly delicious and herbalisciuos serum for our skin: the color, the smell (sweet and woodsy), viscosity, emollience and, of course, most importantly-medicinal and therapeutic benefits!!!

We only will be offering this in limited quantities as it is something that will requires daily attention, takes about 4-5 weeks to infuse and, as with all our products, will be lovingly made only in small batches for utmost vitality and freshness!

One more thing that I have to add. Your skincare is just a part of you maintaining your skin’s health. The other part is your diet. Very few people can have a bad diet and great skin - usually it catches up to them, therefore, I can’t reiterate enough - eat more organic fruits and veggies every day for great holistic well-being!

Much Love to all our Skinfooders,


Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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