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Breast Cancer Awareness

I’m not sure who decides it and when was it first brought up-but October is breast cancer awareness month. As a survivor of an invasive stage 3 triple negative breast cancer I’d like to address few topics.

First-I can’t emphasize early detection enough. I heard so many stories of ignoring a lump or something “odd” for a long time and I did some of that myself. Ladies, do self-checks and don’t ignore anything that is “not right”.

The numbers and statistics of future breast cancer cases are pretty depressing, I think it is something like 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. I never thought I would be that one, I have lots of woman in the family and I’m the first one to have it. Nobody knows why, I stopped questioning at some point, because even with a healthy lifestyle, never fast food, no processed foods, no sodas…yes, I was exposed to Chernobyl when I was a young teenager, but still, numbers aren’t much better for someone that wasn’t…

However, even if you or someone you love, will be diagnosed at some point, I want to shed a bit of a light here-please don’t get discouraged, it is NOT a death sentence! The treatments have pretty high success rate, healing is very possible. Do your own due diligence, don’t rely on your doctor only, take control of your own healing and treatment. Do everything that you can to support your body with proper nutrition and other healing modalities to help your body to go through treatments, because majority of the time, it is not the treatment that really hurts women, it is the complications from the treatments.

 Lastly, once again, I want to bring awareness to early detection, because the outcome may vary substantially! No amount of pink ribbons or junk food with the pink ribbons that are slapped on the label or packaging will make it better. In fact, it makes me absolutely furious seeing pink ribbon on merchandise that possibly can cause the cancer! Anything from personal care products with chemicals to food that is laden with hydrogenated oils, insane amount of sugar or other junk, you get the picture!

Please don’t fall into the trap of “pinkness for good cause”, because you’re are being manipulated and taken advantage of.  Again, dig deeper and do your own due diligence.

Let’s remember to do self-checks often and let’s live our best and healthies lives! Thanks for watching, wishing everyone love and health, always!

Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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