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Winter Wellbeing Aromatherapy - Serene Wellness!

I hear many people around me succumbing to flu or cold ... there are so many ways we can help prevent this! Undeniably the most important - to eat a healthy and wholesome diet and incorporate aromatherapy into your life!  Building immunity through aromatherapy, stress reduction and “real” foods can be life changing!

I personally use my Serene Wellness aromatherapy roll-on almost daily! This aromatherapy blend helps assists me to promote healing, strengthen immunity and relaxes my anxieties while soothing my soul :-)  The scented aura of wellness and serene health – gently empowering from within.

Serene Wellness holistically features:  Organic Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Frankincense Essential Oils – all to elevate and refresh! (Click for full list of ingredients on our site.)

My love for essential oils is expressed through our three aromatherapy roll-ons and can be used instead of perfume :-)

Aromatherapy - the practice of using essential oils and other aromatic plants for pharmacological, physiological and psychological benefits - dates back 4000 years!! Ancient and evolved Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Romans ALL used, admired and relied on true aromatherapy for increased wellbeing. In fact, all this ancient knowledge laid the ground work for the developing of lesser “synthetic counterparts” for synthetic essential oils and perfumes - which could be patented for Profits - and hence to the growth of today’s artificial fragrance and drug industry – which is still trying to replicate the holistic benefits of true and nurturing Mother Nature!

Essential oils are among the most powerful wellbeing and assisting healing agents that “true” nature has to offer!!!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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