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 FIVE Tips for Moisturized Winter Skin!

You're not as likely to feel dehydrated yourself during the winter months, but your SKIN can get dry and dehydrated during this very cold weather! Single digit wind chills, artificial in-door heat and wearing tons of rubbing-clothes-layers (not to mention eating extra sugar at past holiday parties) can all have an effect on your skin. 

Here are five tips to keep your dewy glow through the chillier temperatures: 

1) Choose Rich, Organic, High Quality Oils. We're talking avocado, sea buckthorn, olive, almond, argan and jojoba oils - ideally cold-pressed and certified organic for the highest levels of antioxidants. If you’re oil-cleansing (see below), feel free to try oils that feel just a bit heavier in the winter, as well. 

2) Choose lavish moisturizers full of plant botanicals for that extra mother-nature only rejuvenation so needed now! Plants are loaded with natural vitamins and holistic, renewing essence. For example fennel essential oil helps increase oxygen to tone the skin as well as having anti-wrinkle properties, rosemary essential oil assists circulation and hydration, chamomile e.o. is calming and soothing to your winter skin, and calendula oil is renowned to help strengthens capillaries and promotes new skin growth!

3) Remove Makeup by Oil Cleansing. It's going to save your skin year-round, and it's safer than you think - even if you have breakout prone or "combination" skin. Oil cleansing breaks down makeup because "oil dissolves oil," and the right oils will nourish the skin with high quality botanicals. It’s especially good for the sensitive eye area, and it’s a smart system that will, in fact, keep your skin clear and luscious.

4) Wash Your Skin w/ Lukewarm Water. Cold water has a natural astringent quality - meaning it helps to tighten pores. But if your skin is dry and cold, it's already "tight." You deal with enough cold out there in the elements - treat skin gently by washing with lukewarm water and applying an organic moisturizer right afterward. Before bedtime, try the gentle yet lavish Lavender Dream or Siesta Sunset.

5) Give Your Lips Special Attention (and Those of Your Honey)! The lips are especially sensitive to cold air, wind burn, artificial/drying heat and it's common to feel chapped and sensitive in the winter! Grab a cocoa butter lip balm (Chocolate Lips) and never let this lip balm leave your site - the gentle scent is an added bonus. It's like hot-chocolate for your lips!  If you want something color and scent free - Sweet Lips will do the trick! Meanwhile, this smart blend of butters and oils will shield the lips from a whipping and uncomfortable WIND chill.  Burrrrrr :-)

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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