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Shedding light on what it means to be Certified Organic!
With so many new emerging companies claiming they’re the best, dumping many thousands of investor’s money into advertising, using young beautiful woman to lure the confused customer (mostly women) to buy … convincing customers of their purity by using beautiful, but highly abused terms like “organic,” “natural,” holistic,” “pure,” etc…
What can the confused consumer do to really swim through all the fluff and figure out the real truth? It is actually quite simple: same as with your food: look for USDA Organic Label!  It is really SIMPLE - No SEAL - No DEAL :-)
(Don’t buy the big companies complaints that Certification is too expensive! It sure is, but if a small/family company like us can do it - they definitely can as well! The real reason they’re not getting it is not just the cost – sure they want higher and higher profits -- it’s mostly that they would not qualify due to their harmful ingredients!)
SanRe believes YOUR Health Matters !
At SanRe, we use wholesome Organic ingredients in our formulas to Feed Your Skin; never harmful chemicals, fillers or adulterated ingredients!
Our line of Skinfood is USDA Certified Organic so that YOU KNOW it’s pure. 
Certified Organic Means:

  • No genetically modified organisms or GMOs
  • No harmful chemicals, synthetics, parabens or fragrances
  • No synthetic fertilizers
  • No harmful pesticides or treatments
  • No irradiation
  • No sewage sludge
  • Strict following of environmental health and welfare standards
  • Specific soil and water conservation methods
  • Strict pollution reduction
Organic Certification is Very Difficult & Expensive – But YOU are Worth It!
Organic certification must be renewed each year, with independent third-party inspections and verifications, costing thousands of dollars and mandating an exhausting level of documentation and system safeguards to PROVE that each and every ingredient and resulting product is ORGANICALLY PURE.
Organic frankly costs more… that’s why most companies don’t do it! In addition to the fact that they simply would not qualify due to their ingredients!
The ever growing number of “new” or refreshed brands that have jumped on the GREEN bandwagon make it very difficult to find the truth! 
They all claim they are Natural, Green, Holistic or Organic – but that is not the case! (Mostly, there are few exceptions). They copy or steal some skincare recipes – then make it cheaper using chemical or tainted ingredients – often with concocted ‘organic’ seals or ‘natural’ claims – purposely increasing their profit and yet jeopardizing your health!
For each “certified” Organic ingredient used, a non-certified and often adulterated ingredient can usually be purchased for HALF (1/2) the PRICE or LESS…
Because of the VAST amount of ingredient CHEATING taking place in the market, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled a new draft rule aimed at stopping organic fraud last July, which is meant to “protect integrity” in the supply chain and “build consumer and industry trust” in the agency’s USDA Organic label, the only Official Certification!
The new guidelines update organic regulations to mandate unannounced inspections, implement new traceability requirements for products, require labeling of non-retail containers, and put in place new oversight for the certification process. The additional requirements are projected to cost the certified organic industry millions in extra cost per year.
SanRe remains committed to YOU with USDA ORGANIC !
WE (SanRe) wholeheartedly welcome the new USDA Organic rules!
We know that the precious and vital nutrients from plants, flowers and minerals are readily absorbed and can have a powerful effect to heal, nourish and gently encourage cell growth to give YOU radiant skin and greater health. We know what’s so important to put in to our formulas and also most important—what to leave out – and we certify it!

To dispel the social myth that Certified Organic and still have up to 5% of "anything else" wanted... each certified USDA Organic product must have 95+ % certified organic ingredients, and the remaining up to 5% can only be from a regulated and USDA NOP specific list of natural and non-harmful processing aids needing in certain farming or production areas (mostly for animals, dairy, wine, etc - which is outside our scope).

Our labels reflect pure balanced formulas that we personally crafted, with 13 years of intense experience, for your greater health and beauty! We’ve already upgraded all our organic tracing systems and remain absolutely committed to providing you the VERY BEST ORGANIC GOODNESS MOTHER NATURE HAS TO OFFER :-)
Continue to GIVE yourself, and your cherished skin, the very best organic oils and extracts, and you’ll be overjoyed with the supple and rejuvenating results!

As always, THANK YOU for Your Support!
Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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