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We’re so proud to announce that our SPF/SOLAR Moisturizer Family was named to “Best Moisturizers with SPF” yet again by EWG.org in their annual Sunscreen Guide! Every single one of our SPF moisturizers scored a superior “1” Safety Rating according to EWG’s stringent health, safety and effectiveness standards. There were even 30% more products to compete with as well! Of course, it’s no brainer we scored so well! We only use the very best organic moisturizer ingredients and natural SPF minerals for your true benefit. 😊

Our Solar/SPF family contains natural and non-nano ECOCERT certified zinc and titanium mineral powders, which also contain a Jojoba Ester coating, to be the very safest and minimize any potential sensitivity! Our SPF30 is also BROAD SPECTRUM protection (proven to shield against Both UVA and UVB rays)!

The underlying moisturizers themselves are a USDA Organic base, containing a rich blend of antioxidant-rich oils, as well as soothing and calming holistic ingredients. This means that not only will your skin have the best defense against UVA and UVB rays, but antioxidants will fight free radicals all day long for skin that stays healthy, hydrated and glowing. Our moisturizers are organic oil-based, alcohol free, GMO free, gluten free and free from all other harmful preservatives or fillers.

Try out our whole SPF/Solar Moisturizer Collection and some post-sun moisturizers with our SPF/Solar Sample Set! See what exactly works for your skin and at a great value ($7.99)! They also make great travel sized companions!

As the Northern Hemisphere starts to heat up and increase our daylight hours, human beings are inclined to benefit from and enjoy the sun’s rays! The sun gives us vitamin D and shine for all our plants. But the sun’s UV power can hurt our skin -- so we’re again making the best SPF and sharing info from EWG.org for a SAFER sunny season!

EWG has been doing the FDA’s work since 2007, when they started testing and rating consumer sunscreen for their toxicology.  They have been sharing with all of us, just how “safe and effective” the sunscreens we use are. 

Some quick facts about the current state of many consumer Sunscreens according to EWG:

  • Since the introduction of Sunscreens, Skin Cancer has been on the rise.
  • 1/2 of the Sunscreens tested by EWG contained the harmful and allergenic chemical Oxybenzone.
  • 2/3 of sunscreens tested by EWG were found to be ineffective for their stated SPF sun protection or contained the toxic chemical oxybenzone.
  • Mineral Sunscreens are considered safer, because they don’t soak into the skin like Chemical Sunscreens (Click to Read More about IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES IN SPF PROTECTION!)
  • Bigger SPF well above SPF30 can be a misleading claim brought to you by marketing and not be indicative of your safe or protected “time of solar exposure.” According to the FDA, “higher sun protection factor values, or SPF, have not been shown to provide additional clinical benefit and may provide users with a false sense of security.”
  • Beware of Non-Nano sunscreens! Most “Sprayable” sunscreens contain Nano particles of active ingredients that easily wash off and are known to harm coral reefs. Get away from spray -- and help a reef out😊
So why is this info so important? Well, there are absolutely no regulations on sunscreens. The FDA began supposedly regulating sunscreens in 1978 but have NOT made any legislation or set standards since. Every time they introduce a legislation, they are bought by lobbyists from Big Chemical Companies who are still trying to push grandfathered in active ingredients that are known to be ineffective and not safe. The newest and watered-down proposed ruling by the FDA was again re-dated to February 2019.  Some concerned States have independently started to implement standards to uphold and protect their people and environment!

SanRe makes it easy to make the right choice. Free your skin from chemical sunscreens this summer!
SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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