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SanRe Named CertClean Finalists!!!

We’re so excited to announce that our three (3) submitted products of Eye Candy, Rose Cleanse, and Supple Sunshine Solar/SPF30 were ALL named finalists for the 2020 Clean Beauty Awards!!!

For starters, our Skinfood creations had to comply with CertClean’s standards of clean beauty. Their standards included being free of 20 different harmful ingredients and uphold each category’s basic function. The list included BHA/BHT, Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS, Petro-Based PEG Compounds, Parabens, and Phthalates to name just a few… 

Submitting our products was easy, considering, we only formulate with natural and beneficial ingredients in mind. All our products are free of alcohol, GMOs, gluten, animal testing, and any microbeads for the love of our home, Earth.

Initially, we were considering not to enter, because we are already USDA certified organic which is by far more stringent than Cert Clean. From the very beginning, we’re creating our products not just with a lot of love, but the way green and clean beauty should be created - without chemical ingredients one can’t pronounce! ☺
However, we’re so glad we entered, ingredients aside, the products were tested for efficacy and quality by some amazing ladies/judges -- obviously, because they picked our 3 products :))
This Valentine’s season we love and appreciate you for loving us back and supporting our mission for clean beauty. Cheers to self-pampering and aging healthy and gracefully! We sincerely send you LOVE and APPRECIATION for a HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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Patti Mckenzie
Patti Mckenzie

April 26, 2020

I am so in love with all of the SanRe products. I stumbled across this product while on a weekend trip in the North Georgia mountains. I found SanRe in a store and I bought the eye candy and the sales girl gave me some samples, one in particular that I loved was the baby eyes. I have always struggled with puffy eyes and I am always looking for products. After using the eye products and the samples of
Hemp Revival , the c love and rose cleanse….I am hooked. I love all of their products. Their products are gentle , smell good and actually work. I love what their products have done for me and I am so happy I found them. My skin feels so soft, my eyes look so much better and they even make an awesome organic hand sanitizer that leaves your hands clean and soft and safe not harsh like most hand sanitizers. SanRe is the BEST 💕💕💕

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