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Spring is finally here! Besides using good, common sense practices to protect ourselves against the coronavirus that is spreading faster than anyone expected, our Spring skin needs change as well!

First, with all the many harsh sanitizers and frequent use of drying soaps many are often using while out and in the workplace trying to stay germ/virus free … ones skin/precious hands are going to become DRY and stripped of nourishing oils and our natural microbiome!!   PLEASE do your best to use less invasive/chemically harmful products whenever possible while staying protective/sanitized … and PLEASE use good wholesome and organic hand/body moisturizers to help replenish and protect your cherished skin and health!!! We do offer our organic Clean Touch! essential-oil based hand sanitizer for those seeking a more wholesome sanitizing route!

Second, the natural turn of Spring brings warmer weather, more sunshine, and more humidity.  Which can activate more productive sebum glands, therefore, we can switch to an organic serum or a more neutral face moisturizer. During the dry winter months we always recommend layer the skin and keep it moisturized due to the cold, wind and the dry heat inside, that is definitely changing with the warmer temperatures.

With the buildup of dull, dry skin cells from the winter, skin is ready for a wake-up call with an exfoliation and mask pampering routine as well. When you remove the dead skin cells from the surface, the newer, healthier cells will be revealed from within. As a result, your complexion will look more radiant and brighter.

Nature has provided many proven ingredients to safely slough away dead skin cells and increase collagen production. SanRe has tapped mother nature’s resources to use the best ingredients for this job! One thing to remember: don't exfoliate your skin in the morning. Even though exfoliation makes your skin brighter and more radiant, it also makes it more susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, save exfoliation for the evening!

I personally like to do it on one of the weekend nights, have few candles on and listen to my favorite spa music, while enjoying hibiscus exfoliation and then putting a lavish mask on my face! If you want something more ‘crafted’ to be more gently potent and detoxifying, you can use one of our vital SanRe masks and/or exfoliator products! And if you just simply want to quickly pamper yourself now – you can make a simple mask using something from your kitchen - I have recently provided several video ideas on FB and IG :-)

With the longer days and more sunshine, don’t forget to protect your skin during the highest sun/UV damage hours; from 11am-4pm. While sunshine is a source of health, light and happiness - so necessary for our Vitamin D production, it can also be damaging if we don’t protect ourselves with good clothing and mineral/broad-sprectrum SPF Moisturizers for longer sunny durations (like my now beloved hours in the garden)!

Stay SAFE and enjoy the longer, brighter SPRING days, while also FEEDING YOUR SKIN !!! :-)

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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