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PERSONAL Care for Ourselves and Our EARTH!

Earth day is the perfect time to sit down and reflect on our part in keeping our planet clean and green!
Most of us take our earth for granted without even realizing it.  The first step is awareness.

Remember, Earth Day is actually a pretty spectacular phenomenon!  On April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day took place to motivate local, grassroots, political protest in defense of Mother Earth. The results were awe inspiring – with over 20 million people attending rallies held in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and many other US cities!
Earth Day has catalyzed political and personal overhauls, from the establishment of the EPA to the Clean Water Act of 1972 to encouraging widespread Recycling. Now, Earth Day is celebrated in over 190 countries!!
SanRe organically strives to do our part with truly wholesome Skinfood! Chemical laden skin and body care products not only harm you, but they pollute our personal and natural environment. Through contact, bathing, flushing and disposal, harmful Personal Care Product Chemicals are being found in ever growing concentrations in our precious water and soils!
Choosing to organically benefit both your precious body and our shared Earth is the way to go!  Recycling and conservation is vitally important for everyone too – and we’re proud to use glass packaging, eco and recycled labels, packing and paper, and to devoutly stress energy savings.

There as SO many other ways to help our Earth! For instance, even go veggie just one day a week! Documentaries like "Cowspiracy," "What the Health" and "Food Choices" really opened our eyes to the impact meat has on our Environment and health. Now if you aren’t a vegetarian, don’t panic. We aren’t saying you have to cut meat out altogether, but by enjoying a vegetarian meal even just once a week, you can help to save up to a whopping 1,850 gallons of water, which is stated as needed to produce only one pound of beef!

Let’s be honestly proud to organically beautify both our skin and environment – with so many conscious steps we can all take together to better our Wonderful WORLD !!!  Chose to LOVE YOUR EARTH :-)

Anton Kralovic
Anton Kralovic


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