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I am so glad the U.S. is starting to celebrate International Women’s Day! Growing up in Lithuania this was THE DAY where every woman and girl (literally!) received a flower and true appreciation from someone. From her loves, family, friends, associates – all in the Celebration of Womanhood!!!  As a little girl, and evolving woman, I always looked forward to it! ☺

A current and celebrating poet, G.D. Anderson, inputs “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

In this time of world challenges, and hoped Evolution, everyone should uphold the Flowering Strength of Women – as the maternal bond of compassion, protection and embracing love – that birthed each of us, holds each family - each nation together, and revolves our very planet…

Happy Women’s Day Ladies and Girls! Viva Female power!

Sandra Charbonneau
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Daisy Herrera
Daisy Herrera

March 28, 2018

I have been using your Face and Eye Day and Night moisturizers for several years. I discovered them in Wholes Food/Whole Body store.

I was very impressed with the results after trying many organic products on the market. From time to time I have run out of your product and missed the Skin Care Sales at Whole Foods, trying other organic products in Whole Foods, However, nothing has compared itself to your Face and Eye moisturizers.

Your products feel so natural on my skin and healthy, I do not feel like I am adding a cream to just sit on the surface of my skin, or either a cream that absorbed into my skin leaving my skin to feel like I need to apply more. The creams and serums feel like they blend into my skin with a nice fresh hydrating sheen to it ALL DAY. They plumb up my skin and my self esteem too!

No matter how tired I am at night. I look forward to the healing and relaxing scent experience your night creams gives off, and best of all the smooth nourished complexion I have in the morning. Then to start again with the refreshing energetic scent and hydrating skin your Day moisturizer and Eye cream gives as I head out the door with or with out makeup on face.

Thanks for making a difference!

Feeling healthy and grateful today!

Daisy, CT

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