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Pumpkin Delight VIDEO

Hi guys! I want to introduce our newest products! We are launching body scrubs this week! We’re starting with Pumpkin Scrub for this fall and pumpkin season!

These luscious body polishes gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting healthier, softer, smoother and younger looking skin :-) The scrubs will remove pollutants while infusing your skin with necessary magnesium and reviving the skin with organic oils to restore optimal hydration and luminance of your skin.

Magnesium is a must mineral for optimal health and is very hard to consume adequate amounts from diet alone, therefore using products that enhance transdermal absorption is a plus. As we age, we absorb less and less of it through our gut, excrete more through our kidneys, therefore, treatments like these become essential to keep up with our magnesium needs. I read that over 60% of our population are low on magnesium! Being deficient increases our chances of chronic diseases as well as decreases the quality of our sleep and simply being able to recover from stress or strenuous exercise. There are also studies suggesting that the fastest way to increase cellular magnesium levels are through transdermal absorption - through our skin!

In these scrubs, we also have mineral rich dead sea salts (from the dead sea bed in Israel) that help to stimulate lymphatic circulation, regenerates the skin and helps to draw out toxins, and also assists to alleviate aches and pains, while relaxing muscles. The salts are rich in Potassium (that helps to regulate moisture level in the skin), bromide (helps us to relax) and, once again, wonderful magnesium!
Pumpkin body polish has the exquisite combination of Pumpkin and Festive Fall essential oils that will leave your skin silky smooth and nicely plump! These include fantastic: Organic Pumpkin Powder, Organic Safflower Oil, Organic Jojoba, Organic Sea-buckthorn, Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil, Organic Nutmeg Essential Oil and Organic Clove Bud Oil !!!  Visit the Pumpkin Delight product page (CLICK HERE) for further info on these wonderful ingredients!
Scoop (without introducing water into a jar) a tablespoon of the polish into your hand and gently massage into your wet body in circular motions, especially dry and rough areas. Indulge as often as you wish, especially before bed, as magnesium enhances your sleep. (Be aware-it might be an addictive ritual ☺)
Caution: Of course, do not use right after shaving or on the broken/irritated skin. Do not use on your face or in your private areas. Using for the first time you may feel some tingling sensation on the skin, this will subside with continued use. We recommend trying a small amount first. You could also add this to your bath and soak 15-30 minutes for maximum absorption!!!

ENJOY and have a fun and safe Halloween!!  Sandra :-)

Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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