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One step many often ignore in skin and overall health is CARDIO EXERCISE – Whew almost broke a sweat just typing it!! ;-)  But, there is a plethora of health benefits that come from the continued and brisk movement of our bodies! It increases our blood circulation and oxygen levels, which means more nutrients are traveling throughout our body. More nutrients through the body means – more internal skinfood and better skin!

In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste, including dreaded free radicals, from our vital cells. Exercise increases the flow and efficiency of the body and liver – helping to clean and revitalize our skin from the inside and out!

Also importantly - cardio can help lower blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and STRESS! Research studies continue to show that the nervous system, which processes our every rising-modern stress levels, has an impact on conditions such as psoriasis, inflammation, rosacea and perhaps even skin cancer and increased aging!

We assume that cardio activity comes with a byproduct called sweat and it’s paid in valuable time. But sweat and cardio exercise are not exclusive to stress relief! According to Harvard Health, even as little as one hour of walking or gardening per week (we just love hiking and excessive gardening) —was linked to lower rates of heart attack, stroke, and death from all causes.

However, you do get more health benefits when you put in More Work :-)  It’s easy to start speed walking or running - but we find the best option is CYCLING!!  It can be a low impact activity, that doesn’t carry the burden of your own weight. Harvard Health also states, When you sit on a bike, you put your weight on a pair of bones in the pelvis called the ischial tuberosities, unlike walking, when you put your weight on your legs. You don’t carry your weight on a bike; the bike graciously carries it for you!

The rotating movement and lack of joint pounding is sure a plus! But be sure to have your bike size, seat and posture properly set for continued enjoyment and relief – and a recumbent-stationary exercise bike is great for those with a sensitive body structure or for those inside-rainy days!

Once your stamina increases, we find it best to cycle more vigorously as an aerobic conditioner – which we LOVE to do OUTSIDE in our Beautiful GA/NC Mountains :-)  (Proper gear and helmet please!) Our favorite and local trail system - away from vehicles, fumes and in the Beautiful Mountain/Lake Arms of Mother Nature – is the Jack Rabbit Trails complex in the NC’s Nantahala National Forest up and along the shore of beautiful Lake Chatuge :-)

Whether walking, hiking, gardening or cycling – love and care for your skin and greater body – are you sweating yet??!! ;-)


For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and/or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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