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'BEE' Good to Yourself and Your EARTH !!!

“Life is the Flower for which Love is the Honey.” -Victor Hugo

Flowers have started to bloom and sweeten the air! Their bright colors attract some the busiest buzzing beauties – female Honey Bees! Their life-giving pollination for plants helps make sure we have enough fruits and vegetables to eat, and their HONEY is a holistically natural healing agent for the skin 😊  Because of its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, Honey is perhaps the oldest healing agent of scrapes, burns, skin irritants and imperfections.

Bees don’t stop creating at just honey though! They produce beeswax as well, that helps clean the epidermis, soften and nourish the dermis, and assist to prevent skin aging. Products that contain beeswax are renowned to not only pamper and renew the skin, but also aid to prevent skin disorders and aging barrier breakdowns.

With all their earthly and personal benefits, you would think that bees are very well regulated and protected… But unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Bees in the U.S. are not protected on the federal level, and states are also woefully slacking…

It’s not news anymore, that the bee population is plummeting because of pesticides. In the past 10 years, U.S. beekeepers have been losing an estimated annual average of 30 to 45 percent of their hives to bee death; a rate that entomologists and beekeepers find very alarming. 

Studies have shown how crop pollination exposes bees to pesticides, wherein all pollen collected was contaminated with pesticides, which often exceeded median lethal doses.

Most commercial beekeeping in the U.S. is now being done primarily for commercial pollination, moving hives from one large-scale pesticide/GMO laden crop area to the next; without true nurturing care for the lives of the precious bees, nor their vital honey and beeswax.

At SanRe, we BEElieve that the maximum pesticide concentration should always be ZERO. This requires a full pesticide-free and non-GMO flight zone radius of THREE to FIVE MILES (3-5 Miles) for honey bees!  

Sadly, this distance and the lack of bee regulations/protections in the U.S. (the USDA has been titillating over new Bee/Honey regulations for 18 YEARS – since 2001 – with NO NEW REGULATIONS) results in virtually all our pure and certified ORGANIC honey now coming from large, pristine bee habitat areas in Canada and Mexico…

Organic and Heartfelt Beekeeping, coupled with a demand for MORE USDA ORGANIC FRUITS and PRODUCE GROWN IN THE U.S., is desperately needed here!

We also sincerely shout-out to small-scale, holistic beekeepers, near natural and forested areas, who put the health and well-being of their honeybees FIRST! We personally shelter three hives with minimal disturbance, and small quantity honey collection (wonderful for holistic health and local allergies), allowing occasional breakaway swarms to go forth and wildly populate in our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains 😊

Do you BEElieve in a bright BEE future? Go Organic today, Call your legislator and Feed your Skin with SanRe 😊


For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and/or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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April 26, 2020

Thank you for loving bees! What are your products that use ingredients made by bees?
Thank you.

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