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The fall is one of our favorite seasons here at SanRe. The changing leaves and cooling temperatures make for some amazing hikes and beautiful, Autumn afternoons! Although the cool, fall air may be refreshing after a hot summer, it is not as kind on our skin. As Fall kicks into full swing and the temperatures begin to cool, the air will get drier and so will your skin. With these three must-haves from SanRe Organic Skinfood, you can enjoy this beautiful season while maintaining the natural beauty of your skin!

Dawn Delight is one of our favorite moisturizers this season. We love this moisturizer for its all-organic ingredients that help minimize wrinkles and scarring, all while healing the skin against harmful UV damage. Matcha Green Tea contains extremely high levels of antioxidants—more than almost any other food. These antioxidants fight the negative effects that UV radiation has on the skin while Rosa Mosqueta Oil helps the tissue regenerate, retain moisture, and improve its collagen levels and elasticity. This powerful combination creates the perfect moisturizer to heal your skin from a harsh summer and to continue protecting it going into the fall season. Plus, you’ll love Dawn Delight’s fresh, Matcha Green Tea aroma!

Eye Candy is definitely a must-have this season! The eyes are one of the first places dryness, wrinkles, and aging will begin to show, so it’s especially important to moisturize as the weather cools this fall. Eye Candy combines the anti-inflammatory qualities of Chamomile Essential Oil with the nourishing and moisturizing qualities of Aloe Vera and Almond Oil to help reduce signs of aging around the eyes. We love using Eye Candy to reduce dark circles and puffiness around our eyes and recommend it as a must-have this fall!

Our lips often first show the drying effects of this new season. As temperatures get cooler and the air gets drier, our lips need more and more attention and help to stay moisturized. We recommend you try Chocolate Lips this season—our 100% organic lip balm. Chocolate Lips combines the hydrating properties of Almond Oil and Beeswax with the natural antioxidants of Cocoa butter to create a smooth, deeply moisturizing lip balm. Most lip balms contain chemicals that perpetuate dryness of the lips. Our Chocolate Lips, however, will moisturize and heal your lips, protecting them from the elements. (It’s also a great treat to have for the Holidays J.)

If you love the fall like we do, you’ll be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and changing scenery with your family and friends. With these 3 fall-favorites, you can enjoy all aspects of this new season without having to worry about its effect on your skin!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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