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Every Valentine’s Day, Americans spend nearly $2 billion on candy (CNN). That’s a lot of money spent on insane amounts of sugar, carcinogenic synthetic sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, and countless other harmful chemicals and ingredients! This Valentine’s Day, try kicking this unhealthy habit and celebrate the day with sweets that are healthy for you and the environment! 

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, pick organic and free trade dark chocolate! Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which decrease blood pressure and the risk of future heart disease. Decreased stress and an increased metabolism are other perks of eating a moderate serving of dark chocolate daily.  That means you can still have your Valentine dark chocolate covered strawberries and treats while also improving your health and happiness at the same time!

To go along with your healthy chocolate sweets, celebrate this holiday by pampering yourself and loved ones with SanRe Organic Skincare! Get our revitalizing cocoa mask, Chocolate Ecstasy, for yourself and a loved one this February 14th. With USDA organic cocoa powder and organic honey as its main ingredients, this mask will aid in healing and protecting your skin. Cocoa and honey’s anti-bacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants have been found to aid the removal of harmful bacteria from the pores and as well as repair damaged skin cells. Chocolate isn’t just a delicious treat! Chocolate Ecstasy takes the purifying qualities of cocoa to bring you a fun, rejuvenating mask this Valentine’s Day!

To top off your holiday this year, try our nourishing body oil - on yourself and your loved one - Soothing Celebration! Valentine’s Day falls in the coldest part of winter, and with that comes dry and irritated skin. Soothing Celebration takes the healing properties of USDA organic tamanu oil and pairs it with vitamin and protein rich, USDA organic sesame oil.  Tamanu oil has been used for hundreds of years to protect the skin and is thought of as a skin regenerator for it’s accelerated healing properties. With the healing compounds of tamanu oil and sesame oil’s high vitamin and protein concentration, Soothing Celebration is just what you need to massage and renew your skin this winter and enjoy more youthful, supple skin this Valentine’s Day!

So instead of spending too much money on unhealthy candy and sweets, spoil yourself and your loved ones with organic treats and SanRe Organic Skinfood -- that will make you feel and look healthier and better than ever this February 14th!!!


Sources: “Valentine’s Day, By the Numbers” by Belle Reynoso (CNN).

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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