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    • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
    • Holistic & Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream
    • Rejuvenates & Smoothes
    • 0.5 oz (15 ml)
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  • Premium, holistic and organic ingredients, along with vegan hyaluronic acid and vital baobab tree oil, coffee and prickly pear oil, synergistically assist to moisturize, firm, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and help rejuvenate toward a desired and more youthful eye area.
  • Apply a thin layer of cream to cleansed eye area, using a gentle tapping motion to apply to this delicate skin.
    • Organic Baobab Oil (Adansonia Digitata): Is obtained from the seeds of the famed Adansonia tree. The tree is incredibly strong and hardy and is known to live up to 3000 years! The baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit and  is believed to be a “super food” and possessing near magic qualities! High in Omegas 3, 6 and as well as Vitamins A, E, F and even so called sunshine - Vitamin D3. It is a superb moisturizer without leaving a greasy feeling.
    • Organic Safflower Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius): Highly moisturizing oil with an exceptionally high amount of oleic acids. Deeply soothing.
    • Organic Beeswax (Cera Flava): Natural thickener and emollient, with emulsifying, hydrating and protective properties.
    • Purified Water (Aqua);
    • Organic Prickley Pear Seed Oil (Opuntia Ficus Indica): Is one of the best skin nourishing oils available - contains high amounts of Vitamin E (more than any other oil in the beauty market) and Omega6, which means strong free radical fighting power!  The organic oil is extremely labor and time intensive – so highly valued and pricey!
    • Vegan and Non-GMO Hyaluronic Acid (SodumHyaluronate): Is a truly vital part of the  extracellular matrix, and importantly a major and necessary component of the fluids in the eyes and skin, assisting in true re-hydration and rejuvenation.
    • Organic Coffee Extract (Coffea Arabica L): Is firmly believed to help combat UV damage and improve elasticity, as well as assist collagen and elastin production! It has high amounts of chlorogenic acid, which has the ability to reduce redness due to UV exposure. It also contains caffeine which can decrease skin roughness and fight wrinkle formation - hence appearance of the crow’s feet!
    • Organic Coffee Oil (Coffea Arabica L): Providing organic and aromatic vitality, it also gently captures benefits found in the more potent coffee extract.
    • Wildcrafted Propolis (Propolis Cera): A rich and wildcrafted energy matrix of antioxidants aimed to help increase circulation and aid against inflammation.
    • Organic Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia Serrata): Extracted from gum or resin of the exotic Frankincense or Olibanum tree. It is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant tonic that assists to cleanse and heal. Also intended to help protect cells and encourage their healthy growth and while aiding to remove imperfections.
    • Organic Carrot Seed Oil (Daucus Carota): Very rich in carotene and extremely nourishing, its rejuvenating and has the ability to help tighten the skin.
    • Organic Burdock Root Extract (Articum Lapa): Another antioxidant and nutrient powerhouse, which helps combating against free radical damage, dry and over-stressed skin.

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Type: Eye Creams

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