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A Heartfelt and Thankful Year with Cancer !

I do apologize, this is not our usual newsletter about our products or skincare. I felt like sharing my story at some point, but didn’t feel like it was the right time until now. I chose to do it first here (as oppose to through social media), share it with you, our loyal newsletter subscribers.
You are the ones that consciously entered your email and you are the ones that are supporting my dream from the get-go and I am so grateful. There is nothing I would rather have done for the past 12 years - and am so grateful to continue doing - then creating skincare and helping you nourish and feed your skin properly :-)
In the beginning of this summer, I received the ever dreaded three words “you have cancer.” It felt like someone took the rug off under my feet…I would wake up for the next several weeks with realization that this is not a dream, this, in fact, is my reality. I spent hours crying, didn’t know what to do, questioned the whole thing, could not believe this is happening to me. After all, for the last several years we a lived plant based lifestyle, I grew about 6 months’ worth of vegetables myself, fertilizing with compost that we create, making my own food (I’m a big foodie and absolutely love to cook!), incorporating herbs everywhere I could, fermenting, making my own anti-inflammatory and immune supporting ginger/turmeric/lemon/honey jam and you name it! Never fast food restaurants, packaged foods and never sodas. Go figure! But, I also was a teen in Lithuania when the radioactive Chernobyl explosion happened -- and other ladies in that geographic region, many about my age, including even my sister-in-law, have recently been hit with cancer..
It took a while, but I did stop questioning why and refocused on living and finding the right healing path for me. There were some few weeks or so that I wasn’t sure if I was going to live (the tumor in my breast was so big and my breast cancer diagnosis was one the worst, invasive triple-negative type - there are 18 different breast cancers!!).
The thought of leaving my then 11-year-old daughter behind and possibly missing my son’s wedding next year was absolutely heart wrenching. Not to mention missing all the beautiful things that are still ahead in their lives…graduations, college, grand-kids…This also made me realize how much I love my husband and how much I don’t want to leave him for someone else - LOL. He was the one that held my hand at every doctor’s appointment, gave me hundreds of hugs a day, countless “I Love you’s”, flowers and cards, was relentlessly Gerson juicing for me and embracing every new holistic treatment that I would find - through my many hours of research - supporting it completely. I am lovingly called “baldy-locks” as I completely lost my hair…
I felt horrible for my poor mother (we worked together for years, she’s the co-founder of SanRe), as she was living every mother’s worst nightmare: “your child has cancer.” I was actually wondering at times where was the end to the fluids for tears as I was initially crying so much.
Things are better now! My combined traditional and intensive/multiple holistic treatments have worked and I am doing very well. I even had time to finalize our new sensitive skin cream, Amber Rose, that I am so proud of and it is very dear to my heart and heritage :-) . My deepest gratitude to our SanRe staff - they wholeheartedly stepped up and did everything above and beyond to support me in my healing journey. I truly love you Ladies!
I am treating my cancer experience as an invitation to change. I was living the “healthy living/eating” walk, but I was often stressed and was not living the “healthy mind and soul” walk. I was not taking more time to relax, meditate, clear my head. I was constantly thinking of my ‘to-do” list and what needs to be done next. Boy, did I change that! I am scheduling time for me now, meditation is non-negotiable these days! Ladies (and guys), please take time for yourselves, find time and best ways for you to release stress, don’t harbor ill feelings…cancer loves elevated cortisol levels… and above all share your love every day!
Here it is, now you know and I feel better for sharing. Continually appreciating your support, reading your wonderful skinfood reviews on cloudy days and sending you lots of sunshine! I do hope you take my advice to heart and not just read through it - develop your relaxation and care rituals and stick to them! It is hard, I am still working on it, but if I’m consistent - the results are tangible!
Not to be “salesy” but do want to share my skin’s total saviors during the treatments: C-Love, Siesta Sunset and our body creams. They were always my favs during the drier winter months, but in combating the effects of cancer, they are total lifesavers! My skin is literally devouring on them!
Much Love and Health :-)
SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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