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As Thanksgiving rolls around the corner, I want to extend a huge, harvest-sized thank you to each and every one of you! Your trust in sharing your skincare secrets and challenges with us, and choosing our family business to pamper your skin, means the world to us - truly, you're the pumpkin spice to our fall!

I've got a whole cornucopia of blessings to count: from my fantastic family and their robust health (including me - touch wood!), to living amidst the stunning North Georgia mountains, where Mother Nature shows off her seasonal wardrobe changes. I'm also the proud cultivator of a bountiful organic garden and a mini orchard - yes, I'm basically a farmer in disguise! I grow herbs, fruits, and veggies, and have enough Echinacea to start a small wellness revolution (or at least share seeds with you). And let’s not forget our homemade Lavender Delight body scrub even includes our garden grown Lavender - it’s like Thanksgiving for your skin!

This year has been a rollercoaster of milestones - our firstborn hit the big 3-0, and our “baby” zoomed to 16! How did time wiz by? Where's the pause button on these kids? Our four-legged fur babies continue to shower us with love and joy, proving every day that they’re the unofficial therapists of our home. I’m also reflecting on my journey with cancer four years ago; it was a tough teacher, showing me that aging (yes, some natural wrinkles and all else) is actually a privilege! It’s taught me to cherish health, love, and the little joys of life - like a perfect cup of coffee or finding matching socks!

I want to express my deepest appreciation for our hardworking and amazing employees who have been with us through thick and thin. Your dedication, loyalty and incredible efforts over the years have not only shaped our continued success but have also created a family-like bond that I treasure immensely!

This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to find and cherish the golden nuggets in your life, no matter how small they seem! Look after your body, mind, and spirit - whether it’s munching an extra apple or taking a tranquil walk. Every little bit counts, like pennies in a piggy bank!

Each day, I try to marinate myself in gratitude (it's the secret sauce of life), especially when times get tough. Crafting skincare goodies for you all is my passion and joy, and I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support! Here's to you and to nurturing our skin and souls together!

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Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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