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I can’t believe it is Spring of 2022! WOW - how the years roll by!!
Let’s stay positive and gently roll-back visible aging by showing some ORGANIC LOVE for our skin by starting Spring right! :-)
We all might notice our skin is a bit drier coming out of the winter months, but fear not, we can definitely improve that!
* First, let’s Exfoliate!
We can harness the Power of the Flower to help relieve us of our Winter skin layer! With some nightly exfoliating (day exfoliating can leave your skin susceptible to sun damage) from our Hibiscus Pure Exfoliating Cleanser, we can scrub away (gently!) that layer and bloom into our best spring skin. Please note, don’t do that more than once a week, you need to let the skin cells to regenerate!

* Also, keep using the gentle, chemical-free cleansers that won’t over dry your face!

* Switch From a Heavy Moisturizer to a Lighter Moisturizer or Serum during the day!

Days are getting warmer and our skin is not exposed to as harsh winter temperatures or wind anymore.
Continue to Bloom into Your Best Self with a lighter moisturizer or serum in the day. If you still have leftovers of your winter moisturizer, use it at night or store it in the fridge to maintain its freshness.
* Use a Toner to Refresh and Cool During the Day!
Wiping away sweat can introduce bacteria and oils that clog your pores. Using a Toner to cool off and refresh throughout the day is great! Find out more about our toners and which one is best for YOU here:

* Keep Makeup Light.
Avoid a full face of makeup to ensure clean and clear pores. Consider a tinted moisturizer like, Radiant Glow instead of a drying makeup with questionable ingredients. I always think it is so much better to work on clearing your skin vs covering it up!
* Organic oils with Antioxidants are one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young, fresh, and healthy!

Skincare products that include antioxidants help prevent premature aging and sun damage. And we sure do have plenty of antioxidant power in our products ;-)

On this thought, PLEASE remember to READ your ingredient labels and stress the importance of Certified USDA Organic food and beauty products!  We're sadly seeing more and more brands/products claiming to be 'Organic' when they are not Certified and would NEVER be permitted under the stringent USDA Organic Standards of what is allowed as organically safe and pure for your body temple!!!

Blog Post - Why USDA Organic Really Matters!

* Finally - Enjoy Some Sun to get Vitamin D!
The very best vitamin D is the one that your body converts with the help of the sun! Be mindful of it, depending on your skin tone, 15-30 min a day is enough for most people. If you’re lucky enough to spend most of your day at the beach, boating or in your beloved garden - don’t forget your safe SPF moisturizers!  We strive to make the healthiest SPF products you can buy! :-)

Stay SAFE and enjoy the longer, brighter SPRING days, while also FEEDING YOUR SKIN !!! :-)
This Spring
If We Could All Garden Together
Tilling, Seeding and Watering
Side by Side
One and All

Surely Our Shared Green Shoots
Would Beautifully Blossom
Into Vibrant Giving Flowers
Of Peace and Love

- SanRe

Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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