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New Product - DIVA HAIR OIL !!!

Facial oils have taken the beauty world by storm, thanks to antioxidant rich ingredients that provide real and visible benefits to the skin. Oils are so popular because, unlike lotions, they penetrate the skin at a deeper level - providing visible results that keep you going back for more!
If oils work so wonderfully for the skin, then what's stopping them from working just as well on the scalp and hair?! Well to be honest, absolutely nothing!!
We adore oils here at SanRe and are excited to announce the launch of our very own hair oil - DIVA HAIR OIL - filled with the high quality, organic and antioxidant rich oils you have come to love.
Keep reading to learn a little more about how the ingredients in our new hair oil can transform your scalp and locks into luscious, silky strands that will beg to be shown off!
Argan Oil
This oil has earned the name "liquid gold" for a reason! Rich in fatty acids and healing vitamin E, argan oil will soothe and nourish a dry scalp, while leaving your hair silkier, softer and shinier. It's ideal as an all natural conditioner and will help to tame frizz while sealing and preventing split ends.
Apricot Kernel Oil
Hydration is essential for a youthful and radiant complexion, but did you know it's just as important for a healthy and happy scalp, and softer hair? Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, as well as two unsaturated fatty acids that provide excellent benefits for hair and scalp.
Linoleic acid stimulates hair growth while locking moisture into your strands and oleic acid provides emollient properties that leaves hair feeling soft to the touch and deeply hydrated.
Castor Oil
If you're trying to grow your hair then this is one ingredient you want to see in your hair oil. Castor oil has been used to treat hair loss as well as increase hair growth, so be prepared for awesome results!
Olive Oil
You can say goodbye to an itchy scalp, because olive oil will provide a parched scalp with much needed moisture for instant soothing relief. Olive oil is also rich in  antioxidant Vitamins A and E to help strengthen the hair and lock in moisture. When your hair is strong it will grow and grow!
Coconut Oil
Our oil wouldn't be complete without this cult favorite! Coconut oil is jam packed with fatty acids that will penetrate your hair shaft, rather than simply sit on top, where it will nourish your strands from the inside out. Coconut oil does it all. It will help to improve the health of your scalp, soften your hair, stimulate growth, fight dandruff and even help to treat thinning hair!
We can't wait for you to try our DIVA HAIR OIL so you can share your exciting results with us!

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