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Hi Guys!
Happy Mother’s Day to all our beloved Skinfooders!
Let me tell you, last year, some of my healthy SanRe inspiration was from being a caring mom to our teenager daughter. She’d embraced creative fashion and also makeup, which helped inspire me to create a heathy cheek and lip balm line – that I love and use -- and I’m so thrilled that she’s using the balms on the daily basis! I hope you tried them and love them as much as we do!
I was likewise inspired by my daughter’s desire to use lovely smelling – but synthetic – perfumes... I’ve known for a longest time, that commercial perfumes are full of nasty synthetic chemicals, fragrances and harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and other health problems...
So being a such concerned mom, and an admitted creative health nut ;-) , I’ve been working hard on a new mission! 
To create truly holistic, healthy, vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and certified USDA Organic perfumes that are truly premium and smell absolutely DEVINE!!
Even though we’re still a month or two out from selling them individually – I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO START SHARING THEM WITH YOU!!  I’m so excited and would love your feedback!! 
So during this Mother’s day sale, I’m enthused to announce we’ll have some samples of these perfumes for you to try!
All orders over $100 after discount will receive 4 different perfume samples!
My husband wanted to start with only 1 or 2 – but I’m so excited to send 4 for you to try and compare!
Please try them yourself, and with family members and friends - let us know what you think! Which are your favorites ??!!
I know that fragrance is very subjective, therefore I did try to create variations that will be pleasing to even the most critical nose! I think the scents are exquisite, pleasant and complex!
But, as I personally learned during this big creative process, please try only one or two at the same time --as smelling more at once can be overwhelming! :-)
I so hope you enjoy this healthier, more sustainable, organic and ethical way to scent yourself and smell naturally divine!  I can’t wait to hear back from you!
Thanks for watching and Happy Mother’s Day!

Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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