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Oh WINTER! We’re in the middle of it! Unless you’re the lucky ones that live in the warm Southern parts of the Northern Hemisphere -- you know what I mean! We have reasonably mild winters here in the North GA Blue Ridge Mountains, but even then, I still feel the big difference in my skin! I have to do few extra steps to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air and heating inside.

I personally have to up my Night Routine a bit, either to apply extra moisturizer or incorporate a serum (C-Splendid is lovely) under my night moisturizer.

Remember to avoid foaming soaps and cleansers - they will dry your skin even more! A gentle face cleanser is extremely important, if you’re reading this, you must know how I feel about harsh soaps and chemical laden cleansers, especially the ones that have sodium laurel/lauryth sulfites, anything that foams beautifully - don’t use it! They do more harm than good by stripping your skin from your natural oils, called sebum!

We generally have 20-30% of water levels in our skin, but once it drops below 10%, we feel the tightness, itchiness, and flaky skin… Winter clothing, like wool, for example, can also add to the overall discomfort. But FEAR NOT - we have the Skinfood tools to combat that! :-)

During the driest winter months, I tend to seek out our Siesta Sunset, as it seems to never fail to quench my thirsty skin like a charm! It works great in North GA as well as during our yearly ski trips in cold and DRY Colorado! Then, the whole family is fighting for the jar, even our teenage daughter! Especially in the dry West, our organic products work wonders as they are lavishly concentrated and oil based -- truly skin savers!

One more thing - don't leave your precious lips out in the cold either! They're often the first to feel the pinch and even painful cracking when the temperature drops and moisture evaporates. Wrap your grateful lips in the soothing embrace of our organically nourishing Lip Balms and let those smiles shine! For whatever strange reason, I tend to misplace my lip balm quite often, so if we travel, I tend to “secure” at least three tubes just for myself, LOL, because almost nothing I dislike more than dry lips!

Here you have it, enjoy whatever Winter has to offer and keep your skin hydrated! With a few extra steps and extra layers, your skin will stay Beautifully Hydrated and Spring will be here before you know it! :-)

Sandra Charbonneau
Sandra Charbonneau


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