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81 million Americans experience dry, itchy or scaly skin during the winter months!!  The cold temperatures, humidity-free air and contact with wool and heavy fabrics can make the skin irritated and very uncomfortable!

It often gets worse as the winter drags on, and weeks of air that is too cold and heat that is too dry take their toll. Normal, healthy skin is 20–35% water. When the skin’s water content drops below 10%, it begins drying and brings discomfort characterized by redness, itchiness and flakiness. Without moisture, the skin hardens and flakes and begins to irritate the nerves closest to the surface.

Here are true tips to Love and Protect your precious skin this Winter:

Avoid Synthetic Products!!

> So many alcohol and water based products promise to help, but actually dry the skin with each application. Also read the ingredients to especially avoid caustic chemicals like perfume/fragrance, phthalate, dioxins, phenoexynol, parabens, sodium lauryl sufate, diethanolamine, formaldehyde and other harmful synthetics!. These can cause further damaging reaction to the skin and truly endanger your greater health. To make it easy – seek out USDA Organic to know you have the best for you and yours!

Use a Gentle Organic Cleanser
>Use a mild cleanser, which does not harshly clean and DRY the skin -- by over stripping essential lipids and needed sebum from your skin. A good natural cleanser gently cleans and can put beneficial oils back into the skin and help repair the natural and protective barrier functions!

Use an Organic Moisturizer!!!
>The BEST way to rehydrate the skin’s outermost layer is to trap moisture against the skin using a rich moisturizer to rejuvenate and create a barrier from the harsh elements. Moisturizers work not only by helping re-hydrate the skin, but by slowing the natural loss of cell water from the skin!!  Look for one that's both thick, organic and apply frequently. Oil based creams and lotions, especially those laden with nutrient rich essential oils, are most vital, protective and replenishing!!!

Follow the above, and you and yours will surely LOVE your smooth and beautiful Winter skin!!!!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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Eileen Vandernoot
Eileen Vandernoot

December 14, 2016

I purchased 2 products in Whole Foods at Ridge Hill in Yonkers NY. I just love them. Because I have mature skin I purchased the celestial serum and siesta sunset. I have to say I love them. Nothing I have used has ever been so hydrating for my skin.
I think you should know that I bought them because you had a salesperson talk to me about your products. I think her name was Joyce. You need to have someone educate women about what they can do for their skin. To be honest, I would have walked by and not bought a thing if not for Joyce explaining to me all the benefits. It has been a couple of weeks now and I feel my skin is much more hydrated and younger looking. My dry lines are much smoother. Thumbs up for your great products!

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