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Eleven Years since our start, SanRe is THRILLED to be jumping into 2019 with you!!! For each new year, each new day, is a gift for us all to start anew – again resolving to do our positive best for our bodies, mind, soul, loved ones - and of course, our skin!!!
For 2019 SanRe resolves to focus on not only on our rock-star quality Skinfood creams and serums applied to revitalize one’s precious skin, but also with in-depth healthy living topics that universally affect all our body temples, health, energy and happiness – directly impacting our facial skin and smile we present to the world :-)
Here’s an outline of the vital topics (along with skinfood posts) we’ll exercise through together in our posts/newsletters, and on a new SanRe Interest’s Page, for 2019!!!
  1. Water – Water Everywhere! We’ll chat about the supreme importance of hydration for the mind, body and SKIN J - along with the quality/purity of tap, bottles and purified water. We must all consume a lot of water (or at least we should) and really need to make sure that is the cleanest we can get for us and our families! We’ll spill the beans why we do what we do :-)
  2. FOOD – We Surely Are What We EAT! We personally espouse the benefits of plant-based, vegan food choices – but ALL dietary routes can be cleaned-up and improved for greater Energy, Fitness, Drive and to KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY ;-)  We LOVE to cook delicious plant-based foods (often posted on our Instagram), and our organic, family garden bountifully provides most of our vegetables. It is easier than you think, and we’d like to share a lot of our methods, tips and tricks to get beyond those intimidations on healthy cooking, eating and gardening!  
  3. Exercise – Whether its yoga, hiking, biking, rebounding, weights, paddle boarding, skiing – there are just SO MANY WAYS TO ENJOY THAT INCREASED BLOOD FLOW AND HEALTHY BLISS for your greater body, mind and skin!!  We’ll break a sweat and speak about it!
  4. Healthy Stress Relief – WHO Doesn’t Need It In Our World Today?! We’ll talk about the health effects of meditation and power of intention (of which we have great books to recommend that we reflect to often). We’ll also chat about some of our physical favorite aids - like massage, hot tub, infused baths, infrared sauna, inversion, etc. :-)
  5. DETOXING and IMMUNITY BOOSTING – A Personal FAVORITE !!!  Extracts, Herbs, Teas & Tinctures GALORE!! We’re thrilled to express and share these supplemental bonuses for greater health and holistically avoiding sickness – which once again is then reflected in one’s radiant and glowing SKIN :-)
Sure that we’re forgetting something - but you get the idea! We have been sharing our beneficial and nutritious SanRe skin care creations with you for 11 years and we also want to share our other healthy lifestyle habits that we’ve joyously developed and refined over the years! If something, as little as it may be, can help anyone towards their own journey into the prosperity of health and well-being, we’re sincerely and universally fulfilled!!
Let’s all work together to LOOK and FEEL GREAT in our HEALTHY SKIN !!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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