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Footsie Fiesta - VIDEO

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Are your feet tired of being dry? We have a perfect product for you to revive and moisturize tired, dry feet with Footsie Fiesta! https://www.sanreorganic.com/collections/body/products/footsie-fiesta-foot-therapy-all-skin-types-100-percent-usda-organic

Footsie Fiesta is a daily foot salve providing a lively, deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating foot therapy with wonderful organic oils, menthol, peppermint, basil and cedarwood essential oils to calm and refresh tired, stressed and damaged feet.

Olive Oil in this product has a wonderful skin conditioning effect, providing great hydration and nutrients, with a very stable nature.

Menthol is excellent for relieving aches and pains while providing a refreshing minty aroma. It actually numbs your feet a bit and if you have achy and tired feet-it feels absolutely wonderful, trust me-I have tried many times, it really works!

Peppermint Extract and Essential Oil is very useful in cooling down the skin and improving circulation to the skin and muscles.

Cedarwood Essential Oils helps calm and balance skin. It has a soft, woody smell and benefits the skin by its sedating ability which relieves itching.

As you may see, this product has quite a few ingredients (like menthol and peppermint) that your eyes won’t be happy if touched after applying it on your feet.

Please be aware of it and wash your hands or don’t touch your face, I have done that as well!

All of our products are free from synthetic fillers and/or chemicals, are very concentrated, meaning little goes a long way, the jar may last anywhere from 3-6 months, a great value for a product!

This product, as our other products, is USDA Certified organic and gluten free. Also, as ALL of our products it is cruelty free as well, made with love in North Ga Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks for Watching!

Paulinah Bakri
Paulinah Bakri


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