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Back to School with CLEAN TOUCH !!!

With the excitement of Back to School, we all, especially mom’s, are thinking - “here comes the GERMS!!!!”   I know I am thinking about it!
SO, I want to share one of our main tricks of not missing school due to the stomach bug or flu, and trust me, all of it and more was circling around the school - the whole year through!!!
First, I was the “weird” mom that told my daughter to refuse a chemical hand sanitizer pushed by the school. I am not mentioning it’s common name, but the main ingredients were Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetate, PEG012 Dimethicone, Triclosan, Paraben Fragrances and so on…  most of them carcinogens. Do you want to lather that on your hands and God forbid your precious children’s hands?? Ugh. Not me. I’d rather my daughter go without anything instead than this.
Why? We all have good bacteria - and bad. And this harmful stuff Kills it ALL!! We have been sanitizing too much and killing our good bacteria on our skin as well as our beneficial gut flora.  I truly believe, that’s where many of our health problems start.
So, you’re going to ask what I did instead???  I sprayed about 4-5 sprays of our SanRe USDA Organic CLEAN TOUCH on a paper towel and placed that in a small plastic box for her to open it in a lunch room and clean her hands.
I will not guarantee by using Clean Touch that you or your child will never get sick - but at least he/she will not be poisoned and compromising her immune system with harmful chemicals!  Using Clean Touch, our daughter had slight sniffles a few times last year - but escaped the nasty stomach bugs that were going around and the dreaded flu in her public school. It has so worked for us, family, friends and beloved customers!!
And let me explain why: our crafted Clean Touch hand sanitizer is essential oil based.  Essential oils are vital and concentrated liquids pressed from herbs and other plants. Pure oils that have been properly distilled at low temperatures are a very powerful tool for oxygenating skin cells, killing viruses and bacteria.
Essential oils are not fatty oils, but they do mix with oil rather than water. This makes it easy for oils to combine with natural skin oils and pass into the cells, where they can oxygenate, cleanse, and do their work. Unlike drug store hand sanitizing products, pure essential oils do not contain synthetic ingredients.
Our hand sanitizer is USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC and crafted to still readily sanitize, but without any harsh ingredients that themselves put your health and skin at risk! It’s every ingredient has a purpose to kill bad bugs/germs!  A good ingredient example is Tea Tree essential oil - this is one of the most popular natural antibacterial ingredients found in natural skincare products, as clinical studies have found it super effective in killing most types of bacteria! Tea tree is not only antibacterial, but antifungal and antiviral too, making it a must have ingredient in our hand sanitizer. Did you know that tea tree was actually used to disinfect wounds in dentistry and during surgery in the 1920s? You know you can trust this one!
And of course, we believe in using essential oils not only to keep us safe against the common bugs but also to heal our bodies and skin – a truly vital part in all our SKINFOOD!  There’s so much therapeutic power and goodness in them.
We extensively use them in our skincare products, we diffuse them at home in our diffusers, we take baths with them in our bath water….the sky is the limit when it comes to essential oil use. 
However, with all that being said one has to be cautious about the quality of essential oils. I see a lot of “adulterated” products out there. Be assured, we only use USDA Certified Organic, glass distilled therapeutic grade essential oils :-)
Cheers everyone to a CLEAN, HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE New School Year!!!!


For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information and/or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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