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SanRe’s Values: Being Cruelty Free

Unless your favorite skincare products clearly illustrate that they’re “cruelty free” - how do you know that the brand behind them isn’t engaging in harmful testing on animals? You’d be surprised how many large companies still do.

Thousands of rabbits, mice, and lab rats are held captive and poisoned --or worse-- every year because of animal testing. These harsh labs test for eye and skin irritation by subjecting animals to cruel and sometimes painful chemicals without protection. And the testing isn’t at all necessary! There are thousands of harmless and safe ingredients for cosmetics already known, so the quest for artificially engineered chemical ingredients –all in the name to pinch pennies—is unacceptable.

At SanRe, being cruelty-free isn’t a tag-line –it’s a position to which we’re unwaveringly committed. We stay away from most animal-based ingredients, so many of our products are vegan. Aside from the use of honey or beeswax, which are storehouses of skincare benefits sourced from non-GMO and Fair Trade suppliers - we focus on plant-based elements in recipes that support skin's natural pH balance and moisture layers. There are no harsh chemicals in our products that "strip" the skin of moisture and nutrition. 

Companies that choose to be compassionate usually deliberately forgo animal testing by using safe, plant-based ingredients that are gentle for everyone. Their efficacy and safety is long-established, so testing artificial, chemical combos on our animal friends is simply unnecessary. When building moisturizers that work on all skin types, for example - it’s best to start with pure and USDA-Organic essential oils, rather than artificial fragrances that have questionable testing history.

Plus we build our products by testing small-batch recipes ourselves. In the race to spend on research and development - animal testing simply doesn’t fit into the budget. SanRe products are gentle on your skin and the environment - and no animals are harmed in the making of our plant botanical blends. 

Why does vegan or cruelty-free skincare matter to you? Tell us with a comment below!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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