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Happy Holidays! December Gift Sets for the Organic Skincare Lover

The holidays are upon us. Christmas spirit is abundant, and Hannukah has begun. There’s a feeling of good cheer in the air, and the winter wind is whipping your delicate skin each day. What better gift could there be than the highest quality, organic, natural skincare - packaged in a beautiful, affordable set? The most health- and beauty- conscious among your list will love our holiday gift sets! Here’s a quick primer on what’s included in each of them:

Naughty or Nice Gift Set:

This set includes our Chocolate Ecstasy Face Mask, a revitalizing chocolate mask rich in moisture, antioxidants and flavanols, as well as Dawn Delight, our matcha tea and rosa mosqueta eye cream. Matcha tea provides a gentle caffeine boost to the eye area, for improved circulation for tired eyes, plus tannins that help rebuild collagen. Rosa mosqueta oil is also a rich source of omega oils, vitamin C and antioxidants. Eye Candy is our anti-aging contour cream, which has soothing ingredients such as organic almond oils, aloe and chamomile - plus coQ10, a critical antioxidant that helps skin cells regenerate. And last but not least, Chocolate Lips is our delicious lip moisturizer - instead of drinking hot chocolate, try a little cocoa butter on your chapped winter lips! It smells and feels rich and smooth.

If you had to buy all four of these products separately, you’d be spending close to $110 - but now you can grab all 4 for the most naughty and nice on your list for only $69.99. Enticed? Get your set here.

Winter Wonderland Gift Set:

This collection of products includes some of our sweetest and most moisturizing favorites. Start with Baby Eyes, our age-defying night serum - this powerful mix of essential oils and antioxidants will keep your eye area soft and smooth with only a light application each night. It induces collagen regeneration and improves circulation, and is especially good for sensitive skin. Siesta Sunset is known as the moisturizer that makes you glow - your skin will love this blend of avocado and sea-buckthorn oil. Rosy Fresh is the toner for all skin types - a cooling and refreshing mix of rose and green tea, plus other soothing ingredients like witch hazel, aloe, and calendula oils. And finally, Luscious Lips promises exactly that - with almond and avocado oils that keep your pout perfectly smooth. This amazing collection of USDA certified organic ingredients for the eyes, face and lips would normally come in at about $101 - but you can get it for the holidays for only $69.99. Ready for wonderfully soft skin? Get your set right now!

Eye Love You Gift Set:

The set for those whose tired or sensitive eyes need a little extra love, this has everything you need for day and night. Eye Candy is the USDA organic heavenly day cream, and Baby Eyes is the gentle oil blend for nighttime application (equally organic, of course). You can’t go wrong with both options to nourish the under eye area in your daily beauty routine. Both products would retail at $68 - but you can get the set for $59.99 right here.


If you have a gift recipient that is a little difficult to shop for, or you’re unsure which option to get them - but you know they love organic, plant-based skincare - you can always get them a SanRe Organics gift card - make it any amount you want.


Who are you shopping for this holiday season? Tell us your favorite products and gift recommendations in the comments below!

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