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Used for centuries by natives to North Africa, Argan oil is renowned for improving skin problems, such as acne, scars, burns, wrinkles and imperfections. Argan oil is also widely recognized for its moisturizing, rejuvenating and hydrating effects on the skin, and for its strengthening and beautifying the hair and nails.

Specifically, Argan oil has several properties that make it a wonderful healing element.

  • Active substances called triterpenoids offer skin protection benefits, including tissue healing (scars), anti-inflammatory, sun-protective and disinfectant properties.
  • Contains 80% of natural unsaturated fatty acids, and Argan oil also contains unsaponifiables (a large group of compounds also known as plant sterols). These plant sterols can readily improve skin metabolism, reduce inflammation and promote excellent moisture retention.
  • Specifically, it is believed that these plant sterols are unique to Argan oil and there are no other vegetable oils with a comparable composition. Wonderfully, these sterols can reduce inflammation and have been shown to embody anti-cancer properties.

Argan oil is also comprised of powerful flavonoids that act as a natural anti-inflammatory, both internally and externally. Argan oil moisturizes the skin, corrects dryness and improves skin elasticity.

With all of its unique properties, Argan oil is a miraculous weapon to have in your arsenal of anti-aging products.  Add it to your morning routine to help fight free radicals and oxidation during the day. Use it again at night to help restore your skin.

SanRe’s Argan Aura embraces the healing powers of Argan, and also specficially combines other organic oils and essential oils in this revitalizing serum, to naturally feed and revitalize your precious skin.

SanRe welcomes you to Natural Beauty!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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