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Working, Walking Waltzing. Your feet take a beating, and its naturally very important to care for them. Our feet absorb the brunt our movement, the temperature extremes from hot to cold, wetness to crackling dry, and sadly receive little praise.

Provide more love to those laborious soles, and your feet, along with your body will thank you. Reflexology and acupuncture highly stress the importance of your feet; with thousands of nerve endings and connections related to your vital organs and energy points throughout your body. Along with massage and manipulation, the following beneficial ingredients are wonderful to organically and deeply moisturize, calm, refresh and reinvigorate your faithful footsies:

Organic Beeswax: Natural thickener and emollient, with hydrating, emulsifying and protective properties.

Organic Olive Oil: It has a rich, full  bodied flavor with a pleasant aroma and is golden  brown in color. Has a  wonder skin conditioning effect, providing great hydration and nutrients, with a very stable nature.

Organic Basil Essential Oil: Has many aromatic properties. Stimulates regeneration of the skin and pores.

Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil: This balsamic essential oil helps calm and balance skin. It has a soft, woody smell and benefits the skin by its sedating ability which relieves itching.

Organic Cornmint Essential Oil: Possesses a strong, minty aroma. Beneficial and cooling stimulation, fighting against acne and healing damaged skin.

Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Vital antiseptic and has cooling and cleansing properties.

Organic Menthol Crystals: Are cooling, refreshing and have a pleasantly strong minty aroma & nbsp; Excellent for use to help relieve aches and pains.

Organic Peppermint Extract: Has medical properties which help in relieving skin irritation and itchiness and also reduce skin redness, where inflammation is present.

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil: Has a fresh menthol smell. Is excellent for refreshing and stimulating the skin. Very useful in cooling down the skin and improving circulation to the skin and muscles.

Organic Spearmint Essential Oil: Medically it is known for its help in relieving aches and pains. Creates a mild slightly sweet mint aroma.

SanRe’s fully embraces the wholesome, organic power of these vital ingredients to thoroughly help your feet to dance to your happy tune!!

SanRe welcomes you  to Natural Beauty!

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SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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