How important is it to moisturize?

It turns out that it’s very important. If you skip moisturizing, you won’t just have dry skin for a few days. Skin is a working part of your body, just as much as your heart. All the cells in your body, including those that make up your skin, survive by carrying out biological functions. Lack of moisture in or around cells disrupts normal metabolism and tissue repair. Therefore, dehydrated skin has a decreased capacity for repair and regeneration.

Moisturizing your skin with vital and organic oil based moisturizers, is just as important as brushing your teeth! You can’t expect moisturizers to perform a miracle, but they will help slow down any further damage and best restore and renew your natural beauty!

While you should moisturize year-round, it becomes especially important this time of year when humidity is low and indoor heating is running. Also, as you age, skin dryness tends to increase. The dermis and epidermis lose not only moisture, but the ability to produce enough collagen. Feed your skin :-)