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Spring starts TODAY!! Is your skin ready?? After a long winter spent indoors with dry air and little sun and fresh air, skin is often dull, dry, and rough. Since most of our skin stays covered in the winter, we often neglect to moisturize it properly. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for skin that is ignored to become flaky, itchy and dull. The best (and easiest) solution? Cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice daily, every day.

With the buildup of dull, dry skin cells from the winter, skin is ready for a wakeup call with an exfoliation routine as well. When you remove the dead skin cells from the surface, the newer, healthier cells will be revealed from within. As a result, your complexion will look more radiant and brighter.

Nature has provided many proven ingredients to safely slough away dead skin cells and increase collagen production. SanRe has tapped mother nature’s resources to use the best ingredients for this job. One thing to remember: don't exfoliate your skin in the morning. Even though exfoliation makes your skin brighter and more radiant, it also makes it more susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, save it for the evening.

Don’t wait to find the right skincare routine to integrate the most important part: sunscreen! In the warmer weather, more skin is exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. The best solution is to use a moisturizer that already contains a natural sunblocker, like mineral oxides used in SanRe’s moisturizers. Sunscreen is often applied daily to the face, but don't forget commonly missed spots like your ears, elbows, around the mouth, between the toes and fingers, hands, neck and décolletage. In particular, the neck, décolletage and hands show signs of aging fastest, mainly due to sun damage.

Finally, the most important thing about skin care, no matter the time of year, is choosing products made with USDA organic, high-quality ingredients. Skin absorbs everything put on it into the bloodstream, so choose products with ingredients that are truly wholesome and beneficial for your skin and greater body. SanRe Organic Skinfood is transparent about ingredients in their products and their purpose. Can you say the same about all your skin care products? Treat your skin right no matter the season and it will reward you with years of healthy, natural and glowing beauty!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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