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The ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP (EWG) just honored SanRe's SOLAR products as among the BEST MOISTURIZERS WITH SPF for 2014 !!!

Now we'll tell you WHY we think we are The BEST Skinfood Sun Protection!!

With the prevalence of cancer and vitally needed sun protection for our discerning skinfood customers, SanRe has done extensive research and testing to provide our loved customers with the very best mineral sunscreen and organic moisturizer combination. While no sunscreen may be certified USDA Organic, SanRe has gone to the greatest lengths to use only the very best ECOCERT certified natural minerals, which are further coated in natural Jojoba esters for further protection and to guard against reactivity.

SanRe's physical sunscreen balance of coated minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, has yielded phenomenal SPF 30 protection, while actually lowering the amount of total minerals needed on your skin, and most importantly providing the very best BROAD SPECTRUM protection. It is essentially important to strongly protect our sensitive skin from both UVA and UVB rays to the greatest extent possible, which many natural and chemical sun protectants fail to do.

Finally be assured that SanRe's Solar/SPF products are completely derived from our fully USDA Organic moisturizer bases (USDA Organic sister products - without minerals - are jointly listed on our website and shelved in quality natural stores for sale), which is honestly extremely hard to find for sun protection products! Many chemical sunscreens are actually harmful (shown to be carcinogenic and hormone disruptors, with the topically applied chemicals even found in the blood stream and urine within 30 minutes after application). Instead, SanRe's skin-type specific and wholesome moisturizer bases help to organically replenish, heal and revitalize your precious skin from the often harmful effects of sun, wind, exposure and of course aging :-)

Welcome to SanRe, welcome to secure and natural Sun Protection!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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