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One of the proudest moments in anyone’s life is when his or her first child is born! You as a new parent spend hours researching the safest car seats and toys and feed your little one the most organic, natural food you can find. Only the best for your baby! Most parents, however, don’t realize that many of the toxins and chemicals their kids come into contact with are absorbed through the skin! This is through synthetic diaper rash creams, anti-itch ointments, other moisturizers and products. All of the concern taken to provide the best care for your children can be in vain. At SanRe, however, we offer an alternative to the chemical laden, toxic baby care offered by your local grocery store with our product, Like A Baby!

Like A Baby is our newest moisturizer focused on protecting the most sensitive of skins. This balm is a perfect moisturizer to assist treating and soothing skin irritations like cradle cap and diaper rash. Using its key, USDA certified organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, Like A Baby is a must-have, all-purpose balm for your diaper bag!

1. Neem Oil: Originating from parts of India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, neem oil is known by true natives as a “living pharmacy.” Of its many uses, this oil is described as having incredible antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem oil’s high counts of fatty acids and vitamin E have been known to help inflammation from eczema to relieve swelling and redness with moisturizing the dry and damaged skin. Like A Baby utilizes neem oil’s many restorative properties to organically and holistically moisturize to help heal and soothe the uncomfortable skin irritations that keep you and your baby up at night!

2. Calendula Oil: Made from Marigold flowers, calendula oil has been renowned to moisturize and thus help treat eczema, diaper rash, burns and scrapes. Its great clearing properties make this oil perfect for relieving these blemishes on those with sensitive skin. Additionally, the compounds found in this oil are exclaimed by many to deeply moisturize to aid supple collagen in the skin, promote skin flexibility and restoration, and to help minimize the appearance of scarring or wrinkles along the way. Calendula oil makes Like A Baby the perfect balm for you and your child’s precious skin and boo-boos.

These oils, combined with other highly restorative, organic ingredients (Visit Like A Baby’s product page to learn more) create the perfect balm for your baby’s sensitive skin, without the harmful effects from the chemically laden products out there today. Other skin care products may contain alcohols and carcinogens that dry the skin and can cause long-term, harmful effects. Lucky for you, Like A Baby is great for moisturizing, protecting and organically soothing you and your precious little ones!

SanRe Organic
SanRe Organic


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