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Whether you’re trick or treating with your kids or dressing up for haunted hay rides, Halloween is one of everyone’s favorite holidays! It’s the only day of the year that dressing up as fun witches and favorite characters and eating a little too much of your favorite candy is expected of you!  But as much fun as chocolate binges, caramel apples, and costume makeup can be, these Halloween traditions can actually be harmful to your skin. To fully enjoy the Halloween festivities without the sugar breakouts and irritated skin the next day, SanRe has some tips and tricks to keep your post Halloween skin healthy!

Trick 1: Drink plenty of water and eat high-protein, low carb meals the following day

It is all too easy to dig into the candy jar and indulge on too many sweets when Halloween comes around!  Ingesting so much sugar, however, is bad for your health and your skin.  Increased levels of simple sugars, like those in candy, will not only add on the pounds, but will also increase inflammation throughout your body. This leads to increased rosacea of the skin, acne, and dark patches.

We suggest getting your sugar fix from fruit—berries and a little bit of dark chocolate should do the trick! But, if you can’t say no to the candy bowl, make sure you limit your carbohydrate intake the next day and drink plenty of water! Eat protein-rich meals instead, avoiding pastas, bread, and grains. This will help your body convert the excess sugar into energy instead of extra weight or a blemish!

Trick 2: Try organic alternatives to costume makeup

Makeup can be the perfect touch to your costume this year—what would a zombie be without fake blood or Tinker Bell without her fairy dust and sparkles? Most of your average costume makeups, however, are filled with harmful chemicals that are harsh against your skin and bad for your health. Instead, look for organic or homemade alternatives. You’d be surprised how well a little bit of cornstarch and beet juice works as a natural, fake blood alternative! For your pretty princesses and fairies, mix some organic aloe vera gel with a dash of glitter to make a nontoxic, glittery gel.

Treat 1: Cleanse your skin with Hibiscus Pure

To avoid any unwanted blemishes this Halloween, make sure to use a cleanser before going to bed! SanRe has three organic cleansers for all skin types. For some extra help removing your Halloween mask, try our exfoliating cleanser, Hibiscus Pure. This cleanser will gently exfoliate your skin while keeping it hydrated—no left over makeup smudges or raw, irritated skin. You can read more about Hibiscus Pure and the rest of our cleansers here.

Treat 2: Organically Moisturize at night with Sleeping Beauty, Lavender Dream or Siesta Sunset

Don’t forget to moisturize also! One of the most common mistakes people make is cleansing their skin without moisturizing afterwards. Both steps are crucial for youthful, healthy skin! With your night routine, try SanRe’s Sleeping Beauty night cream for normal to oily skin, and either Lavender Dream or Siesta Sunset for dry skin. These USDA Organic moisturizers will help replenish your skin with their organic cold-pressed oils, vital essential oils and their wonderful replenishing vitamins. It’s the perfect way to ensure the revitalization of your skin this Halloween!

Treat 3: Even your skin tone with Radiant Glow

If you do see some discoloration and side effects from your Halloween celebration, try our Radiant Glow tinted moisturizer. Radiant Glow will retain your skin’s moisture and contains natural minerals to even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of small red blood vessels, irritation and impurities. It’s the perfect post Halloween addition to your daily beauty routine!

 By following these simple steps, you can enjoy your Halloween festivities without your skin paying the consequences for it later!

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