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  • Could you explain the distinction between your product with SPF and a product that is simply sunscreen in terms of the sun protection provided? Is this product an alternative to conventional sunscreen or does it provide less protection since it is primarily a moisturizer?
    We definitely feel that our Solar products, being an organic moisturizer with SPF, are far superior to conventional sunscreens. The SPF protection is fully tested and provides safe SPF 30 protection with physical/reflective mineral barriers, which are ECOCERT certified, and does not use reactive sunscreen chemicals. Our SPF moisturizer base is fully 100% USDA Organic, helping to wholesomely moisturize, heal, and revitalize your precious skin, especially against the depleting effects of sun, wind and exposure.
    Our SPF 30 moisturizers are fully tested as per FDA requirements/testing standards, provides true SPF 30, while also being certified for 'Broad Spectrum' protection, securely protecting against both UVA and UVB rays, which is vitally important to protect against burning and cancer. So you get sun protection with the added revitalization of your skin. As with all sunscreens, it is recommended to reapply every couple of hours, and after being in the water.
  • How to use a day cream under makeup?
    If you are using SanRe's day cream under makeup, we would recommend to wait a few minutes after you apply it. Truly organic skincare will take a little bit longer to be absorbed since no chemicals are used to dry it up.
  • Are your products safe for a pregnant woman? I have heard that some essential oils, such as Chamomile, Cypress, Geranium, Lemon, Rosemary and Sage, can be harmful to the fetus.
    SanRe Organic Skinfood products contain extremely small amounts of these essential oils; therefore, the products are totally safe! Many women use them during pregnancy. Studies have shown that using the above mentioned essential oils in large quantities in aroma therapy could be harmful and dangerous.
  • I have extremely fair/sensitive skin and will start using your SPF products. Could they cause photo sensitivity and burns because they contain citrus oils, which may be photosensitive?
    Our products are totally safe, we use only very small amounts of citrus oils. Do not forget to reapply the SPF creams every couple of hours and especially after swimming!
  • What is the difference between USDA and SPF products?
    SPF products provide sunscreen while USDA don't.
  • I have a question about international shipping, I think it is very expensive and is more expensive than the product itself. Any advice?
    We do use USPS International Express shipping and this is how much it costs us, we don't make any extra money on it. However, it is fast, secure and has a tracking number. We suggest you ask your friends, maybe they want anything, then order more products and split shipping costs.
  • Are your products suitable for men?
    All our products are good for men - just go by your skin type when choosing products. Although, men's skin is generally thicker, it does age as well and needs nourishment too!
  • I have noticed that you have changed the formulas of SPF products by adding Titanium Dioxide. Why?
    With the prevalence of cancer and needed sun protection, we've done a lot of research and testing to provide our discerning customers with the very best mineral sunscreen and organic moisturizer combination. While USDA Organic certification does not provide for any sun protection allowance, even using natural minerals, we are now using a combination of the very best ECOCERT (the European, now world-wide, Organic Certifier) certified minerals, which are further coated in natural Jojoba esters for further protection and to guard against reactivity. This physical sunscreen balance of coated zinc oxide and titanium dioxide has yielded the very best SPF protection, while lowering the amount of total minerals, and most importantly providing the very best BROAD SPECTRUM protection. It is very important to protect our sensitive skin from both UVA and UVB rays to the greatest extent possible.
    In addition to all our FDA Broad Spectrum and SPF testing, months of personal use by friends and family (we do no animal testing) have shown no difference in any sensitivity from our prior zinc-only SPF moisturizers. You should also be aware that our SPF/Solar products are completely derived from our 100% USDA Organic moisturizer bases (USDA Organic sister products - without minerals - are jointly listed on website and shelved in stores for sale), which is honestly extremely hard to find for sun protection products. The Organic moisturizer base helps to replenish, heal and revitalize your skin from the often harmful effects of sun, wind, exposure and of course aging.
  • Could you explain how Reward Points are working?
    You can earn points with every product purchase, that you can then use towards any purchase on There is no expiration date for points. For every one dollar ($1.00) that you spend, you earn one point. Your points and their value can be checked during the checkout process by clicking on the "APPLY POINTS" button in the shopping cart, each point is worth 5 cents ($0.05). Reward points are received when purchasing at the normal price. Reward points cannot be combined with any other offer and are subject to change without notice at any time. Points can only be redeemed online. All products have points assigned to them unless otherwise noted.
    The points can be redeemed during the checkout process. Clicking on the "my cart" link in the top right corner will bring you to the shopping cart. In the bottom middle portion of the screen you will see a section that details the amount of points the current items in the cart are worth, to redeem earned points, you have to be logged into your account, and if you have any applicable points, the same section will then display an option to redeem those points.
  • What is your contact phone number?
    You can reach us by telephone at 1-941-755-0203.
  • What products would you recommend to use after sunburn?
    The best thing would be avoiding sunburn in the first place! SanRe has wonderful, mineral only Broad Spectrum SPF30 moisturizers! However, if you do have a SUNBURN (which is an inflammation of the skin from exposure to UV radiation from the sun, manifested by reddened, painful skin that may develop blisters) SanRe recommends the following of its products:
    FOR YOUR BODY - We recommend applying Vanilla Sensation or Soothing Celebration.
    The Macadamia Nut oil in Vanilla Sensation is perfect for sunburns and irritations due to its high absorption rate. Its high omega fatty acids content helps restore, hydrate and balance your skin! Burned skin looses it’s water and nutrient content, therefore you need to restore it with the purest organic, oil-based products!
    Soothing Celebration is a phenomenal remedy for sunburn as well. It’s Tamanu Oil is a remarkable healing agent which possesses antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. There numerous accounts of Tamanu oil healing severe burns caused by boiling water, chemicals and of course UV rays. It helps promote new tissue formation, accelerate the healing process and to spur healthy skin growth. The ingredient combination in this product is for skin needing intensive treatment; such as after the sunburn!
    FOR YOUR FACE - If your face is sunburned, we, our friends and family fully attest that Siesta Sunset works best! It’s the nutrients and fatty acids of wonderfully healing Sea-Buckthorn and Avocado oils! Many feel that its superior calming and revitalizing affects help to relieve redness and/or skin peeling the next day!
    Please be advised that if you have more severe symptoms such as fever or severe blistering, it is best to consult your doctor.